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Customer feedback

It is vital that we ensure our customers are delighted with the products and services they receive from us. Their feedback helps us to review and, if necessary, refine our approaches for the next customer.

This section of the website holds a range of customer comments which will help to give an additional flavour of how we approach our work. But we do not disclose the names of clients/contacts unless they have given express permission.

About our work

Feedback by R4E applicant in 2015: “From our side, I’ve had a few people commenting that they enjoyed the interviews, that you both had obviously really understood our business and our strategy, and the questions you were asking were pertinent and thought provoking, which was really good to hear.”

Feedback by R4E applicant Managing Director: " .. it looks bang on to me. Thankfully it avoids lots of detailed wiring diagrams, job titles, etc etc. And on a first read, I can see how powerful a tool this is going to be in enabling us to do better, and better. So I am extremely grateful to you both: it is impressive work. " From the same organisation's Operations Director: “.. this report provides a platform for taking us forward. Having been involved with EFQM in my previous organisation, this is indeed an impressive and well structured report. ” And from the organisation's Excellence project manager: “I read most of the report last night and it is amazing how accurately, in my view, you have captured the organisation. ... I would also like to thank you for your hard work and time in assessing us. I never knew an assessment could be so enjoyable and this was mostly due to your personable characters. It was a pleasure working with you and I very much enjoyed the whole process. ”

“... professional, friendly and competent assessors who added value.” Feedback from Recognised for Excellence applicant.

“Many thanks for a really enjoyable and active session on Wednesday. I've had some great feedback from the team, they all enjoyed the day and felt that your style in delivering the concepts of the 'model' were user friendly and easily understood. It has also helped us as a team to understand where we are on the journey and helped us to appreciate what we need to do next to keep up the momentum.” After a half day introduction to the Excellence Model

“Your support (the two day training) was singularly instrumental for me to understand the prerequisites for writing an award submission document.” Dubai Quality Award winner

“Thank you for all your advice on this. It is, I believe, a much better document due to your input.” Client with whom we worked on their Recognised for Excellence (R4E) application.

“... an experienced practitioner giving us the benefit of his wisdom was also a key asset.” Comment by Committed to Excellence (C2E) applicant

“It was excellently planned and implemented to the timescales we originally agreed and is a credit to both the BQF and our Assessment Team Derek Medhurst and Dave Richards.” Recognised for Excellence applicant assessed by D&D

Q [in BQF's R4E customer satisfaction survey]: What did you most like about the R4E process? A: “The experience and professionalism shown by the assessment team, the focus provided to the assessment and how the assessors approached the entire project.” Recognised for Excellence applicant assessed by D&D

“Thanks for being such a sport on Monday and fitting in to what was going on. I am sorry you had to burn the midnight oil. I am sure there could have been better things to burn the oil on! I am sure you have left your mark [on the organisation] - but no structural damage!” Investor in Excellence applicant

“I just wanted to say thanks for what is a great piece of work, very thorough and insightful.” feedback on assessment of an award-style Excellence submission

“In addition please pass on my thanks to Derek for all his hard work and fast turnaround, especially with the good result we finally achieved. He was a great ambassador for your organisation and his efforts are greatly appreciated.” Recognised for Excellence applicant feedback to BQF

“He came, he saw, he captivated.” Attendee on Excellence Award application workshop in Dubai

“There have clearly been benefits in being guided by people for whom the model is their day job. They were not constrained by a set of tick boxes and have helped adapt approaches for us.” Mike Donaldson, Group Director of Corporate Strategy & Communications, L&Q Housing Association

“D & D Excellence has a thoroughly professional, practical approach to training individuals and teams on the EFQM Excellence Model and its use. They are responsive to the culture and needs of the organisation, and reflect these in their tailored approach to both training and support materials. Trainee feedback from recent courses has been very positive and complimentary, and those attending found the courses both enjoyable and instructive.” David Robertson, Business Improvement Manager, Building Division, John Mowlem & Company PLC

“I would just like you to know how much NatWest Insurance Services has benefited from your support during the years that we have been using the Business Excellence Model. The Model has helped us achieve significant business results and, of course, to be winners ... of the UK Business Excellence Award. Your guidance, support and professional input have helped us at every stage.” Steve Wells, Managing Director, NatWest Insurance Services, Winner UK Business Excellence Award

“The work you have done with us has given an insight into the thoroughness and dedication which you consistently apply to all aspects of business excellence and I am in no doubt that the success achieved by both of NatWest's Finalists is in large measure attributable to the support which you have provided.” Steve Unwin, BAe MA&A, Winner UK Business Excellence Award

“.... certainly your encouragement and insight helped us greatly along the road to the UK Award and the European Prize.” Mel Farrar, Head Teacher, Foxdenton School, Oldham.

“I thought it was a good day and thanks to both of you for your enthusiasm and for making it so interesting. I am not sure that many of my people understood BEM at the start of the day but I am sure they will see how it will help us by [the end of the process]” Client managing a new operations centre

“ I absolutely agree that our work activity went very well. The diversity of thought in the group worked wonderfully well and I thought the flexibility to deal with workload issues was also a highlight of the group interaction. I have had a chance to talk .... and give them an overview of the feedback document. This conversation went very well also and I felt that we had generated good and challenging feedback for them. Thank you for your insights.” Client in major international organisation

“Again, thanks a lot for this update. Thank you too for your views .... I've learnt to value your comments and I'm sure that you are spot on.” Client in a well-known European Foundation

About our website

“I try to keep away from the D&D website because every time I click on one of its links I lose an hour or so on the news and other interesting things to read.”

“I have spent more than an hour to review your website again and found a couple of new statements, sources and insights I have not been aware of from earlier visits. You provide real value to ‘your visitors’ by giving short, concise and precise answers to the most important questions. This is what we really need - instead of all this theoretical rubbish you find elsewhere.” Christian Forstner, CFyouradvantage

“Just a quick note to say what a useful resource your website is. I am currently undertaking a degree part time whilst working full time ... my latest subject being business excellence. As you can imagine fitting things in is quite difficult and I don't have the luxury of long hours in a library. Having discovered your website I found the information and resources both inspirational and factual, whilst putting the information into easy terms (love the porridge analogy). ”

“I love the site!!!!” Christina Pritchard, Forum Europe

“The new site is great, well done .... It seems reassuringly similar / familiar while feeling cleaner, brighter, quicker and the navigation is more consistent and faster. Overall a good job.” Nigel Brown, Advance Consultancy

“A few weeks ago, I gave my lecture on EFQM and I told my students to have a look at your website. I hope you don't mind.” Dotun Adebanjo, Liverpool John Moores University.

“I have to say that I really enjoy visiting your website - it is so user friendly and down to earth. I should also thank you as I found it helpful when putting together our EQA submission.” Julienne McCrea, Director, Springfarm Architectural Mouldings; European Quality Award Winner 2002.

“Great site boys - very refreshing - particularly the mugshots.” Richard Fletcher, RbofS

“I have scoured through many texts in search of a short and simple definition of the meaning of Business Excellence. The one on your site is the best that I have seen and I would like to use it in some of my work - I will of course attribute it to you!” Alison Stevens, Independent Consultant