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Our values and working styles

The following comments by or about us were received when we operated via the company, but are just as relevant to us as individuals.

I would like to commend the way in which the assessment was carried out by Dave Richards and Derek Medhurst. Despite the rigour of the process and the high degree of professionalism required of them (and demonstrated by them) throughout the week, they went out of their way to engage with managers and staff in a way that encouraged them to open up, talk freely and discuss the key matters in a way that was both helpful to them in collecting and considering evidence, but also to us in gaining greater understanding of how the college might go forward in using the Model for future development. Their obvious very considerable experience enabled them to demonstrate insights into the way we work and how we might develop. As an organisation which is subject to numerous inspections (which we have no choice but to participate in!), it was refreshing to have two assessors working with us who provided a quite different approach to what we normally experience, and who we felt at the end of the week had contributed much of value to our own thinking about the college and its future use of the Model, whilst at the same time making rigorous judgements about the college. Unsolicited feedback (via BQF) from a college that had their Recognised for Excellence assessment carried out by D&D.

While the above comment was about one of our R4E site visits — and we were almost stunned by such fulsome praise — we believe that really it reflects our approach to all our work, whether for our own clients or a recognition assessment carried out for one of the Excellence bodies.

We have one overall critical success factor: we want our customers to feel they would invite us back to help them. With our help, customers may learn some hard 'areas for improvement', which are sometimes not easy lessons. The way these things are handled is vital if our customers are to act upon the results ... which is what drives the improvements. We take great care to ensure that we get the message across well. In the words of the old song:-

"It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it, that's what gets results"

The D&D approach is that we:

What you see is what you get

The pictures on the Home page show that we are clearly of the 'grey hair/no hair' species of consultants, and from our own practical experience we know our role has to be helping your organisation to make effective use of the Excellence Model. Like any good approach, it is only sustainable when it is 'owned' inside the organisation, so we truly believe in a partnership style of working to achieve this. (Our customers are also delighted that we wear our own watches - we don't borrow theirs to tell them the time!)


We have a strong desire to put something back into society and generally to live out the principles underpinning the Model. Dave was a Chairman of Governors for a local primary school for many years. Derek has been an active officer and committee member in his local Camera Club for more years than he cares to remember, and also spent 5 years on the Executive Committee of the British Quality Foundation. Following some work in Tanzania we donated funds to establish a basic teaching aids library for 10 village primary schools in remote areas around Morogoro.