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RADAR* - a general management logic

The RADAR® logic is an integral part of the EFQM Excellence Model's application, but also is a valuable management approach in its own right. In short, RADAR states that any organisation should:

Many of you will see that this is effectively an adaptation of the Shewhart & Deming Plan - Do - Check (or Study) - Act cycle. So the concept has a long and positive history, and there is further detail in RADAR that gives guidance on what to take into account for each part of the acronym. Just embedding high-level RADAR thinking into your organisation's activities should give added discipline and benefits.

Applying the RADAR components as part of a self-assessment with the Excellence Model helps to determine HOW excellent an organisation is at that time. The following issues are taken into account to assess the quality of each component of RADAR®.

Approaches the soundness of the approaches, their rationale and relevance to the organisation & stakeholders, and how well they integrate with overall strategy and other approaches
Deployment how extensively the approaches are implemented in relevant areas, and how it balances systemisation with the ability to be flexible and agile
Assessment & Refine how appropriate and regular measurement of the approaches and their deployment is carried out; how learning and creativity is used, and how potential improvements & innovation are prioritised and implemented
Results the scope, relevance, integrity and segmentation of measures used; the trends in actual results, the comparison of key results against relevant targets and external comparisons, that they are caused by the organisation's approaches (rather than by luck or external influences) so that there is confidence that performance will be sustained.

* RADAR® is a registered trademark of the EFQM