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The elements of service- Servqual

Both of us believe that the thinking behind the 'Servqual' service assessment methodology is a pretty good base from which to consider the elements of service. As we are adding to this Bouquets& Brickbats section of the site, that belief is being reinforced. Without moving into valid debates such as 'satisfaction' vs 'delight' vs 'loyalty' and so on, what we are experiencing are the good or bad points of the 5 core 'RRATE' areas of service:

There's obviously much more detail, and we're only sharing here our experiences at the extremes. But it's important to understand what elements are valued more or less highly by customers. To an extent it's like the Model itself: unless you know what are the important issues, and how you stand on them, you may find yourself trying to improve things that are less important and less in need of improvement!

Much of the Servqual work was started back in the 1980s by Len Berry, Valerie Zeithaml and A Parasuraman in USA, but the issues remain highly relevant and if you're needing to deliver service you could do much worse than learn more about it.