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D&D News : February 2005

view across Dubai Creek from Derek's hotel

"He came, he saw and he captivated"

The quotation "He came, he saw and he captivated" is from Omar Kyaum and was made by one attendee to summarise his views of our recent short course in Dubai. One of the most pleasing comments we've ever received.

We were privileged to be asked to deliver a workshop for the Dubai Quality Award (DQA) Secretariat. Applicants are already registering interest in the 2005 Award, and the Secretariat decided to offer a course to give guidance on how to create an award submission.

After discussions we adapted and personalised some of our existing training material to create a two-day workshop dealing with the subjects that the Secretariat wanted. It comprised

So once again Derek dusted off his passport and went 'on the road to the Emirates'!

Since first visiting two years ago, we have always been really impressed by how Excellence is promoted in Dubai, so it was no surprise that the people at the workshop represented a very wide range of organisations. The group seemed like a microcosm of the whole organisational world. There were representatives from the public and not-for-profit sectors as well as the private sector; they included financial services, engineering, hotels, education, shipbuilding, other transport, and health; they ranged from 50 or so employees, up to some thousands; there were previous award winners and some organisations investigating the Excellence Model for the first time; some people already had experience as award assessors, others were brand new to the Model. Altogether a rich diversity for a productive workshop - and just the sort of thing to keep Derek on his toes!

As far as he could see, everyone managed to stay awake through Derek's sessions. Seriously, he was delighted by the level of interest and commitment shown. As you can probably imagine, it was quite an intensive two days, but the perceptive questions kept coming from the group, showing just how interested they were in the subject.

picture taken the workshop for Dubai Quality Award applicants

People who know us understand that D&D doesn't deliver standard "off the shelf" courses, we always personalise and adapt them for the client. This approach - very much appreciated by the people we work with - meant that Derek wasn't too concerned when he needed to adjust the agenda slightly for the second day, after some longer than expected discussions on the first day.

Derek thoroughly enjoyed facilitating the workshop, and thanks all the attendees for making it a success. He hopes that most organisations do go on to enter for the Dubai Quality Award because - as the Secretariat makes clear - it is not about winners or losers: everyone wins from the moment they start on their process towards entering. (Even during the workshop some attendees were already identifying Areas for Improvement for their organisations!) Due to the confidentiality of the Award, Derek will not hear which attendees actually go on to enter, but of course he will see the published results in about 12 months time, and hopes that he recognises some names!

Workshop attendees

Attendees at the workshop - including Mathew Koshy in the inset (to whom we give special thanks for taking the bigger picture)