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D&D News : Spring 2005 Newsletter

Welcome to our latest newsletter and thank you for taking time to read it. Your comments and feedback continue to be very much appreciated. We are also delighted that we are now well into our sixth year of operation, so many thanks to our customers who have played an obvious and important role in our business over the years.

We have enjoyed a varied workload again these last few months which has kept us busy and stimulated. Much has been assessment and improvement related, but a variety nevertheless, as the following examples show.

Keeping up-to-date and in touch

This is important for both our own development and also to be able to contribute to the excellence arena. Activities include:

networking at the BQF Sponsor meeting March 2005

We also decided to set aside some time to catch up 'face to face' with a few old friends recently. It was good to meet up with Rob Painter, Ian Twine and Christina Pritchard again, and we've still got a few more names in the diary who we are looking forward to seeing in the near future. In addition we've had some specific messages from Dave Peachey, Steve Wells, Michael McCabe and Jane Cathrall.