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D&D News : Summer 2005 Update

Welcome to our summer newsletter and thanks again for your feedback on the last one. Your support is very much appreciated - both from our clients and from all our other friends who understand the benefits of using the Excellence Model.

As usual our activities over recent months have been quite varied - which is part of the fun. For example, we have once again started our annual programme of work for TNT Logistics, which involves supporting their annual internal award process. Derek has been liaising with some key people in the Division to help promote the benefits of entering and we all hope that there are many applicants by the closing date - there really are some fascinating good businesses. Dave has again been part of a team involved in a further CAT Assessment (Capability Assessment Toolkit) for the Highways Agency. This was his 12th one in the last two years and was an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience, ably led by John Whalley.

Amusing 'No Parking' sign

A great sign seen on our travels - how hard is it really for people to think about things from the customer point of view?

Derek went to another of the BQF Sponsor Member/EFQM UK member meetings, this time hosted by EDF at their London HQ. The theme for the presentations was performance management - and the balanced scorecard featured heavily. Derek enjoyed all the sessions, and learned from the talk by Dr Mike Kennerley, of Cranfield University, why so many people thought that the balanced scorecard work that he supported in NatWest 10 years ago was so good! What Derek had just thought was a sensible way of approaching it, seems to have been very advanced thinking indeed from the evolutionary timeline that Mike showed.

Coincidentally we've discussed with a number of different people over the last few months about potential linking up for joint work-related matters. We've placed comments about possible collaborations on a separate page.

International Excellence

It was a real pleasure for us to be able to help support - for the 3rd year running - the Sharing Best Practice Conference organised by our good friends in the Dubai Quality Award Secretariat and the Dubai Quality Group. In 2003 Derek himself was a speaker, and in 2004 we effected an introduction to Sam and Julienne McCrea of SAM Mouldings. One of 2005's key topics was measuring service quality, and we immediately thought of some friends we've known since they helped out NatWest: Joe Liddane, Rebecca Marek and Fred Thiemann, now of Setanta Performance Improvement, who we see as experts on the ServQual measurement technique, and on service improvement. So Joe went to Dubai and spoke about ServQual, the RRATE elements of service and other related matters.

We've heard that we will be mentioned in a case study being published shortly in the journal of the UK's Public Sector Benchmarking Service. The study is by London & Quadrant Housing Association, one of the largest such associations in the country, and focuses on their self-assessment against the EFQM Excellence Model - supported by us. And we've heard that our Russian co-authored Excellence article (mentioned last time) will almost certainly be published later this year and hopefully we'll be allowed to add a copy to our website for all you Russian readers out there - thanks for your support Dmitri.

In touch

We've also been enjoyably busy catching up with some people, including enjoying the company of our good friend Bernard Horn at the RAC Club in Pall Mall, London for a splendid lunch, and also met Clare Nestor, another former NatWester, who is now doing even greater things at Royal Bank of Scotland. We've been sharing some thoughts with Inspector Barry Wragg of South Yorkshire Police - the only person other than Derek in the UK to receive the EFQM's Personal Recognition Award for Leadership of Excellence. Derek caught up again with Tony Goolab - who recently had a 'starring' role on the TV programme 'Too Many Cooks' (bad luck for not winning!). We learned from Dotun Adebanjo, now teaching at university in Liverpool, that when lecturing about the EFQM Excellence Model he recommends his students to look at our website - thanks Dotun, the vote of confidence is really appreciated. We've heard about Alan Ichikawa's further Baldrige Award assignments in the US, and have kept in touch with Peter Docwra since he left EFQM at the end of 2004.