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D&D News Autumn 2005

Welcome to another of our updates about D&D in the Excellence world.

Website changes

The period since our last update has been a busy one for our website developer (otherwise known as Derek) as he has spent a lot of hours learning about Cascading Style Sheets, xhtml, and how to use our Dreamweaver application, to change the basic infrastructure of our site - the results of which you now see. We've tried to retain what was popular, but improve some elements and enhance accessibility. One side effect of this is that you will now need to replace the old bookmark/favourite in your list with the new site - you can do this for our new home page - or in fact wherever you like. You do have us in your favourites don't you??

EFQM Forum

We have just returned from this annual event, held this year in Cardiff. We have given a separate page over to our report of the EFQM Forum.

Excellence works

An important piece of news recently released is the result of research sponsored by EFQM and BQF - and carried out by Leicester University's Centre of Quality Excellence. This shows that effective implementation of the principles underlying the EFQM Excellence Model does pay off. This mirrors the earlier findings by Vinod Singhal and Kevin Hendricks in the US. We have a summary, so check out the research abstract in our section 'Does it work?'.

Other news

While this additional activity has been going on, we've also been working for some of our regular clients, and discussing new projects. We were also delighted when a short report about our support for L&Q Housing Association was published in the Public Sector Benchmarking Service Journal this summer. You can read here an outline of the case study and the article.


Regular readers will know that we usually mention names of some of the friends we have had contact with over the previous period. One of those contacts recently told us how useful that feature had been:

"My eldest son is away in Leeds at University and lost his mobile phone. He never wrote anything as boring as phone numbers down and as my home number is ex-directory and he couldn't remember the name of my employers, he couldn't get in touch. I also was wondering why I couldn't pick the right time to ring him as I could never get an answer. In the end he typed my name in to a 'google' search and after one or two pages up pops a link to one of your newsletters and he knew straight away it was me as it talked about former NatWest colleagues and where I was now working. It was only a short step then to find my e-mail address. So, thank you D&D. A 'friends (or relatives) reunited' service as well!"

That capability was not something we had built into our website strategy, but were delighted to be able to help out.

On the basis of this evidence, we will definitely continue the approach! Recent contacts include Martin Gray (congratulations on your new job), Martin Bulley, Dr Lway Nackasha, Paul Trewavas, Christina Pritchard (congrats on your new role), Richard Fletcher, Jim Mann, Jane Robinson, Sue Colton, and not forgetting the people at the HR reunion including Karen Powell, Ian Braid, Jane Cathrall, Steve Bendall and many more.