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D&D News December 2005

Welcome to our latest newsletter and thanks to the many people who gave such positive feedback about our redesigned website. An example from our friend Christian Forstner in Germany was:

"I have spent more than an hour to review your website again and found a couple of new statements, sources and insights I have not been aware of from earlier visits. You provide real value to your 'visitors' by giving short, concise and precise answers to the most important questions. This is what we really need - instead of all this theoretical rubbish you find elsewhere."

BQF Awards

This year we decided to take a table at the British Quality Foundation Business Excellence Awards event at The Hilton in Park Lane, London and what a fabulous night it was. Our guests included Brian Cooney and Graham Williams from the Royal London School for the Blind, Oliver Jones from London & Quadrant Housing Group, Nigel Asplin of Budget Insurance, Julie Tite of JobCentre Plus and Elaine Jones from The Royal Bank of Scotland. Dave also brought his wife, Jo to share in the celebrations. Proceedings were looked after by the BBC's Kate Silverton and Alan 'voice of the balls' Dedicoat. One of the speakers was Malcolm Wicks, Minister for Energy who is in the news currently regarding the nuclear debate. Our picture here shows Derek in very relaxed discussion with Brian Cooney and Elaine Jones! Winners of the Awards can be found on the BQF website via our Links section.

Derek in relaxed discussion with Brian Cooney and Elaine Jones

On the subject of awards we have once again worked with a number of TNT Logistics units in another round of the TNT Masters Award. Derek also mentored a Dubai company as they prepared their submission for the Dubai Quality Award - we look forward to hearing the results. And we have helped a UK organisation through their second self-assessment - then using the outputs to create an award submission document for a UK regional award. For an example of some recent non-award support work, read about our work in Abu Dhabi.

Derek recently attended a BQF networking meeting. Some of you know that he had a spot of eye trouble lately, and he would really like to congratulate Will Jones of the BQF for his superb customer service. Despite there being many other attendees to look after, he took the trouble to think about Derek's needs and make sure they were met - all without being asked to do so. Excellent - thanks Will, it was really appreciated.

On the social side Dave attended a reunion in London with a number of ex-NatWest HR colleagues. It was really pleasing to meet up with some long lost friends including Steve Bendall (now LloydsTSB), Ian Braid (now Hendersons), Alison Tiplady, Jeff Jones, Carol Detheridge, Simon Ward, Cheryl Clark, Karen Powell, Debbie Castle, Pat Cleverly and David Bean (still of Royal Bank of Scotland).

As is usual we mention some of the people we have had contact with since our last newsletter: Derek Moffatt, Mel Farrar, William Enderby, Mike Harry, Mathew Koshy, Li Lian Ang, Coral Goddard (now in Dubai with Tim and family), Susan Law, Richard Bean, Peter Tonkin, David Bridgeman, Michael McCabe, Chris Bottomley and Phil Lambert (good luck in your new job).

Finally, very best wishes for the season and a Happy New Year to you all.