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D&D News February 2006

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2006 and thank you to those who have acknowledged receipt of their D&D Calendars: feedback suggests that this is a useful office item for the year for many of you. It is snowing here in Kent as we're preparing this issue, so we thought we'd use one of the pictures Derek took on his recent trips to Abu Dhabi to give us - and hopefully you as well - a nice warm feeling (although some of our readers are in warmer climes anyway and won't need it!).

Swimming pool in Derek's Abu Dhabi hotel

British Quality Foundation and London Excellence

In January we decided to change our British Quality Foundation membership so that we now have joint membership of London Excellence as well. Having supported London Excellence in the past and with some of our clients as members, it made sense to join them as well. We will add any interesting articles from our meetings in later issues. We have supported the BQF in many ways for more than 10 years now, and of course are continuing to do so.

Our website

We self-assessed our new website against the World Wide Web Consortium's Accessibility Guidelines, and decided that we conformed to Level A (the basic level) as well as having covered a number of issues in the higher levels. Locally we have a specialist school for blind and partially-sighted people - Dorton House School run by the Royal London Society for the Blind. After a chance meeting at an event, one of their partially-sighted staff members carried out an accessibility review of our site for a course project she was working on.

This check-up has proved very useful as we were given a number of further areas for improvement regarding accessibility, some of which we have been able to deal with already, others need to be looked at. And we did also receive a very positive benchmark comparison which made us very pleased! So very many thanks to Medina Hall and the pupils who helped out with the review. We hope that it helped you pass your course.

Excellence Work

We have managed to fit in some work as well since the last issue! This includes more assessor training, an Investor in Excellence assessment, coaching on Award application creation, and a CAT assessment. Read about some work here.


You may remember a management 'buzzword generator' that did the rounds many years ago. As an exercise we decided to try another one using all the letters of the alphabet, to see if it would help devise some new organisational terms. Feel free to try out our new 'Management Baloney Generator' in our Downloads section!


We've had a great variety of contacts once again, so for those who enjoy keeping up with old friends, here are a few of them. We've heard from Steve Wells, ex-MD of NatWest Insurance Services; Nick Thomson, who despite his northern roots has recently moved with wife Natalie to the Garden of England: welcome to Kent; Rob Pike, Derek Moffatt, Judy Behennah and Susan Law. Derek had an enjoyable afternoon at the races with Gary and Julie Tite. Trevor and Judy Mills have told us they are moving back to Europe. Congratulations to Marc McColgan who is now working in the Channel Islands. Dave met up for lunch with Tony Kennedy, and also heard from Sir Ken Robinson with an invitation to The Education Show, including seeing his debate on education. Derek attended an Institute of Directors meeting in Tunbridge Wells and met a former NatWest colleague, Chris Winning (now with Clydesdale Bank), whom he had not seen for probably 20 years.