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Congratulations to the Dubai Quality Award winners!

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Regular readers may remember that early last year Derek facilitated a workshop in Dubai for organisations who were intending to apply for the 2005 Dubai Quality Award (see Spring 2005 Newsletter). He has kept in touch with a number of attendees, and indeed gave some support to development of the award submission.

It was with great interest that we looked out for the results of the Awards, presented by HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashed Al Maktoum on 12 March 2006. We were delighted to see that some of the organisations who sent attendees to the workshop achieved wins in the Award.

Despite the great feedback from one winner

Thanks Derek. I thank you for providing me the training last year which really helped me to facilitate this project towards reaching this winning stage.

or this from another

At the time of attending your session, we had developed a draft submission. Key learnings emerging out of your session helped me make note of specific points I needed to revisit and improve.

we know that the really hard work of developing award-winning businesses was done by all the people in the organisations. Our involvement was merely in giving guidance about the award submission itself - the 'relatively easy' bit!

Nevertheless it is great to see that yet more people we know have had award successes. Amongst the winners whose staff attended the workshop were Union National Bank, Dubai Healthcare City, and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Dubai. Congratulations to all concerned.