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Royal London Society for the Blind at the Kent Business Awards

In our last Newsletter we mentioned our involvement with this charity, which is based near Derek in Sevenoaks, and the great work it does for blind people. While Dave was off enjoying himself on a business assessment somewhere in England, Derek was privileged to attend this Award dinner as the guest of the RLSB. Being wined and dined in style is a tough job, and as you can imagine he took some persuading, but someone has to do it!

Leeds Castle, Maidstone, Kent

The event was held in the splendid grounds of Leeds Castle, near Maidstone. The 2006 Awards scheme attracted 23% more entrants than in 2005, with some sections - including the Voluntary Sector - actually doubling.

Anita Dobson and Brian Cooney at Kent Business Awards

RLSB were shortlisted finalists in two categories: the Society as a whole for the Voluntary Sector Award; and Brian Cooney, CEO of the Society, for Kent Business Person of the Year. There was tremendous competition for these two categories. After some nail-biting moments, the Society found that it had not managed to win in either section. However they had done superbly to get to the the finalist stage, because as one of the judges said "each and every finalist is a winner". Many of us know just how true that is.

It was a great evening for the RLSB people, one of which the whole Society can be proud, especially as it was the first time they had entered such an external business award. They were also delighted that actress Anita Dobson, one of Society's Vice Presidents, was able to find time in her busy schedule to share the moment with them.!

We ought to say that what they have achieved already has little to do with D&D, as we haven't been working long with the Society. They are using the Excellence Model to help build on their progress, and hopefully we can help them in their quest.

Emma Vidler and Eileen Harding of RLSB

Don't forget that you can find out more about the charity and how you can help it on the RLSB website.

The Kent Business Awards are not based on the EFQM Excellence Model, but let's hope that some of the recipients will be interested in looking at how they might use the Model in their ongoing improvement journeys!