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D&D News December 2006

Looking back over a number of newsletters it does appear that we are usually saying that we have been involved in a mixed selection of work over the previous months. Well, it is no different this time, but let's talk about the entertainment first ...

UK Excellence Awards

Soprano Lesley Garrett singing at the BQF's Award Event

One of the highlights of the 'excellence' year is the UK Excellence Awards at The Hilton, Park Lane in London with HRH The Princess Royal. We hosted a table again this year to say 'thank you' to some of our friends (just calling them clients and contacts seems too impersonal). The evening was a great success not only because of BBC's Declan Curry introducing proceedings, or renowned soprano Lesley Garrett's performance, but mainly because our guests helped us all to have a good time.

So many thanks to Melissa Rancourt from the EFQM, Phil Lambert and Ellie Ross of the Medical Research Council, Marc McColgan and Tony Mosscrop of Royal Bank of Scotland, Jon Tuplin from TNT Logistics, Jeff Wickett of the Pension Protection Fund and, of course, Dave's wife Jo.

... and now that mixed selection of work

We have been very busy leading up to the end of the year, and have started a couple of pieces of work for new customers as well as some repeat contracts. The New Year is already starting to look exciting.

Dave has continued his involvement with a Government agency and its work on supplier selection, which has taken up most of his time. He would like to acknowledge Mike Parry's and John Whalley's support and friendship - they make up the rest of the team. This work is also expected to continue over the coming months , and while this has been going on Derek is keeping himself occupied on a range of other work.

We both completed our Highways Agency CAT (Capability Assessment Toolkit) retraining for the CAT 3 process. Regular readers will recall that this is an assessment framework - with the EFQM Excellence Model as its 'parent' - which the HA uses to select and develop its suppliers. Derek has since undertaken assessments of three companies. The passion and 'culture of improvement' that he found in one team of workers in particular was memorable. You good people in 'the map room' know who you are - congratulations once again on delighting your customers and also this assessor!

Derek has also devoted some of his energies to Investors in Excellence (IiE) and Recognised for Excellence (R4E) assessments on behalf of the British Quality Foundation. And other activities have included facilitating a new client organisation in the financial services arena through its self-assessment process, and supported another new client in planning the steps on their own improvement journey, including self-assessment.

Other activities

Certificate awarded to Derek for wildlife friendly gardening

We were delighted that EFQM have published two more of our articles on their website: first the 'Fundamental Concepts of Organisational Excellence: a blueprint for success' and then 'How many reasons for not using the EFQM Excellence Model are just excuses?'. It's nice to know that our thinking is still thought relevant for a wider audience by the EFQM. If you have not already seen them and wish to, they can also be downloaded from our own Downloads section.

Derek's local authority, Sevenoaks District Council, has partnered with the Kent Wildlife Trust to help people consider wildlife in their gardens, including running a 'Gardening for Wildlife' award scheme. Although only learning about it at the last moment, Derek decided to put in an application. He was delighted to receive a Highly Commended award, and hopes that he will find time to review and improve and perhaps do better next year.

There's a D&D contribution to his garden as well. The shredded waste paper mixes with the plant waste and helps to make some good compost!

D&D 2007 calendar

As is usual at this time of the year we have started despatching our limited edition calendars to some of our regular contacts. The picture has once again been taken by our in-house photographer, also known as Derek.

If you do not normally receive one but would like one for 2007, we do have a very small number of extras. Please e-mail info@ddexcellence.com with your full postal address - it's free but will be a case of 'first come first served'. When they are gone, that's it, we do not have a second print run.

Best wishes to all our friends for a successful and enjoyable 2007