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D&D News March 2007

The unseasonably nice weather here in the south east of England while Derek was on D&D duty encouraged him to photograph this unusual view of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, so needless to say we thought we should inflict it on our readers.

Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Exciting publicity for the Excellence Model and D&D

Last year, Derek was honoured to be invited by Bob Heller, the well-known management writer, to contribute an article about the EFQM Excellence Model to a publication that he edits. He specifically asked for the piece to include reference to the research showing that using the Model can deliver benefits to organisations. The 'hard copy' journal - CEO Today - is still to come out, but as a forerunner the article has been published on the associated website.

We are naturally delighted to be included on this new site, and hope it helps to widen knowledge of the Model. Do check out the article (opens in a new window) but then come back to us and sign up for The Thinking Manager's regular email newsletter via our links page.

Other pages of the newsletter

There seems to be a lot to update on this time, so we have split it onto two additional pages. One page covers some of our Excellence related work for various clients. The other page looks at some of the other contacts and networking that we have been involved with.

Excellence dates for your calendar

The excellence world has many events each year but there are two that we always try to support. The first is the EFQM Forum, this year in Athens from 1 to 3 October 2007. It builds on the conferences in Cardiff and Budapest and its theme is 'Building High Performing Organisations in Europe'. Further details can be found on the EFQM website.

The second event is the BQF's UK Excellence Award Dinner on 24 October 2007 at The Hilton Hotel Park Lane, London. It's a grand affair and well worth attending. The presentation of the awards, the fine dining and the excellent company combined with the chance to learn of some excellent organisations is not to be missed. If you are interested in the awards please see the BQF's website.