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D&D News September 2007

D&D life has been busy once more, so much so that we decided to leave a longer gap than usual between our newsletters - we're sure none of our readers was too distraught. Don't worry, we'll try not to let Derek waffle on for longer than usual!

We have both managed to take some time off. Dave visited Thailand again with his family - having a great time and mostly missing the monsoons. Derek became a UK traveller and personal 'tour guide' when he showed a friend from America around some of the historic sites in Kent. It was also reminiscent of the different perspective an Excellence self-assessment brings to your own organisation - you look at the familiar in a new way and spot different things.

Canterbury Cathedral Cloisters

Derek artistically tried to enhance an already Excellent subject, photographed during his recent travels around Kent.

If anyone is the least bit interested, he converted the colour original to monochrome in his digital imaging program, and then added some 'toning' to get the effect. He is a long way off Excellence in digital photography, but he is trying!

We've been delighted that our efforts have been able to gain yet more publicity for the EFQM and the Model in a follow-up from Derek's article for Bob Heller and Edward de Bono's website. In their July paid-for newsletter Bob Heller mentions the EFQM Excellence Model in his piece, and a summary was included in their free email newsletter sent out to more than 25,000 people. If you missed the original article, you can still read it on The Thinking CEO website.

D&D has also been featured once again on the EFQM web site's Excellence One section. This time we told the story of how we worked with the Royal London Society for the Blind to undertake the 250-person self-assessment of their organisaion.

We have included, as usual, a selection of recent D&D activities on a separate page.

One new feature on the site since our last issue is the Search facility. We realised that the site was becoming ever larger, and so thought this might be helpful. We have also had the pleasure of adding to our Bouquets page, and also to the Brickbats.

Recently announced in the BQF's UK Excellence magazine is a new regional award: the Southern England Excellence Award. This fills the gap in the UK coverage of regional awards based on the EFQM Excellence Model. We will be looking to see what we are able to do to support it in our part of the region.