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D&D News Spring 2008

It's been a few months again since our last newsletter, and there seems to have been a lot going on for D&D. We added specific reports to our site about our attendance at the 2007 EFQM Forum in Athens and the BQF's UK Excellence Award 2007 Dinner. We've also managed to keep ourselves busy on 'real work' as well as supporting other Excellence body meetings.

D&D is formally an Ambassador for Excellence

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that one of the logos on the left has changed. At the start of the year we reviewed our membership of London Excellence and upgraded to their 'Ambassador for Excellence' status. We like to think that we fulfilled this function already, but now we are formally part of this London Excellence group and have a nice logo to display as well.

Dave has been our main representative at their meetings so far. He attended a fascinating meeting and tour of the 02 Arena in London for his first Ambassadors' event, hosted by AEG Europe. The theme was sustainable recruitment and Genevieve Glover of AEG gave a good account of how they offer great development opportunities to local people in an area of relatively high long term unemployment.

British Quality Foundation networking

Suzette Morrison with the FA Cup

Dave attended a Social Care Networking group set up by the BQF, which was held at the London Borough of Brent Town Hall followed by an organised tour of the new Wembley Stadium. This was timely as he'd got tickets to see England vs Switzerland a few days later and could find out in advance where he was sitting. He was also able to photograph the BQF's Suzette Morrison with her hands on the FA Cup.

Derek has attended a couple of BQF sponsor meetings, including one where the 2007 Award winners spoke about their achievements. He also went to the recent Public Sector conference - we seem to have had more work in the public and not-for-profit sector recently so thought it appropriate to attend.

There were some interesting speakers and workshops about successes away from the world of business. Even before one of the speakers made the point, Derek was already remembering Jim Collins' statement that "the critical distinction is not between business and social [sectors] but between great and good" (in 'Good to Great and the Social Sectors', Random House Business Books, 2006).


With quite a long gap since the last newsletter, it would be difficult - and probably more boring than usual! - to name the many old friends with whom we have been in contact. However we will make one exception and mention our good friend Dr Lway Nackasha. We've known him for almost five of the seven years he spent with the Dubai Quality Award and Dubai Service Excellence Scheme, which he has just left. Congratulations on his new roles as Director of the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award in Abu Dhabi, and also as an Executive Technical Director of the recently established Emirates Quality Association. We know we'll keep in touch with this great supporter of the Excellence movement.