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D&D News Autumn 2008

It’s been about six months since our last newsletter which is a longer gap than usual, but we’ve been rather busy with our Excellence work. Furthermore the next few months also look as if we will have something to do. In the current economic climate that is good news, not just for us but also because we hope that it is evidence that more people are seeing the benefits of the Excellence Model in building sustainable, competitive, organisations.

Our lead picture this time is of of an unusual fountain with dolphin statues that Derek spotted in a mall in Abu Dhabi when he did some D&D work in that country over the summer.

Enlightened Shareholder Value

A recent success for Derek was that his article about Section 172 of The Companies Act 2006 was shared by the EFQM with the excellence world on its Excellence One site. The Section enshrined something called Enlightened Shareholder Value into the UK's company legislation. Derek noticed that its requirements bore a striking similarity to the concepts of the EFQM Excellence Model, and penned an article on it. This seems to be quite timely.

As Derek said ".. the economic problems of 2007-2008 are currently all around us in the UK. But these arise, at least in part, from the extreme form of capitalism practised in Anglo-Saxon financial markets. I am fairly sure they do not result from company directors having to think about factors other than their shareholders!" Since he wrote that, the economic problems have descended into the full blown global financial crisis we have seen in autumn 2008, with major banks in USA, UK and Europe being rescued by hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers' funds. Maybe there is a better way to run an organisation? You can still download the article if you wish.

D&D activities

We have outlined on other pages some of our recent practical work, and also our involvement with supporting and celebrating Excellence awards.

Resulting from our work activities, we have experienced some incidents that we have just added to our Brickbats and Bouquets pages. There is one Brickbat for a large hotel company which really does not know how to handle a complaint. But against that are three Bouquets for excellent service - two for small organisations. The good service incidents are examples of what HRH The Princess Royal described as 'doing the basics well' at the recent UK Excellence Award dinner. This should help build customer loyalty in the current economic troubles.


We usually meet many people in our travels and it’s nice to see old friends and contacts from time to time. Since the last newsletter Dave joined a few ex-colleagues from NatWest at a recent mini-reunion, including Ian Braid, Carol Detheridge, Hugh Piper, Simon Ward and Sue Colton. Derek recently saw Richard Fletcher, and also Susan Law and Judy Behennah. In one of those quirky acts of fate, Derek met someone he worked with nearly 20 years ago in Brixton and hadn't seen since - Bill Mills - at of all places a horse racing stable! We are in contact with Lway Nackasha in UAE, and have also met again with those trusted UK Excellence assessors Mike Curry and Julie Tite.