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D&D News Spring 2009

We are now well into 2009, and the economic woes of last year seem to continue unabated. But there are still many organisations who are using the EFQM Excellence Model and we have been working with a number of them recently. It is great to know that people still focus on Excellence during the hard times as part of their efforts to improve their organisations. In fact, some have said this is just the time they must identify and address further areas for improvement.

The organisations we have worked with come from a variety of sectors. The common factor is that each organisation has a belief that using the Excellence Model can help them to improve. We have gone from high-technology manufacturing to probation services, from warehousing and distribution to employment services, and from construction design to facilities management. Geographically, we have been to the north, south, east and west of England, as well as Scotland, Northern Ireland, Germany and Dubai.

Photo of evening scene in Dresden, Germany

The scope of our work has varied of course. We have, for example:

Needless to say, we have also tried to keep up with some of the networking meetings of the quality bodies, and Dave in particular has made it to BQF workshops and London Excellence Ambassadors' meetings to hear about latest developments. Alongside all the D&D effort, Dave has had some building work done on his house, and this has led to a 'D&D Award' being given to Dixon Builders.

Derek has also made a trip to Dubai to deliver a workshop for potential applicants to the 2009 Dubai Quality Award. As usual, he was really impressed by the enthusiasm and friendliness of the attendees, who nevertheless kept him on his toes with their (constructive) questions!

Photo of attendees on the DQA applicant workshop

Shown above is Derek and the attendees, together with Mohammed Bushanain Al Amri, Executive Director, Business Excellence Center (seated 3rd left) and our long-time friend and Excellence supporter at the DQA, Seema (seated at far right). We hope the organisations do go on to enter the Award for the benefits that the process brings anyway ... and of course it will be great if some of them do well enough to gain some formal recognition as well.

Looking across Dubai Creek