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D&D News Summer 2010

Welcome to our latest newsletter and thank you for your continuing interest in our activities.

Once more our work has been varied, perhaps even more so than usual. The signs continue to be positive, but we're never complacent! We've worked closely with a number of our clients, designed and produced our own new support products, refreshed others and been instrumental in developing a new assessment scheme for London Excellence. And we have carried out some Levels of Excellence assessments and validations. One of these found us in Chichester for a week, daily walking past the cathedral shown in this photo.

Great clients!

Whether it's due to luck or a reflection of our overall approach to Excellence, we always seem to work with nice clients. One example of some client work we have really enjoyed recently has been helping Phoenix Futures, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation charity with national coverage, with their first ever self-assessment against the EFQM Excellence model. They are a super group of people and you can read here more about our support for Phoenix Futures.

New and improved products

Many of you will know that the Excellence Model was updated last year and we have been re-licensed to help organisations with its use and to assess organisations using the range of formal excellence schemes for the EFQM, the BQF and London Excellence.

The Recognised for Excellence scheme (R4E) has two approaches - ‘classic’ and ‘flexible’. Pending the creation by EFQM of the new versions, we produced our own ‘updated temporary templates’ for the EFQM and BQF and these are currently being used by BQF, and we understand that the R4E scheme itself is being reviewed by EFQM — maybe D&D's documentation can help them once again.

Our Essential Guide for an effective R4E assessment site visit continues to receive much praise for its helpful plain language guidance for applicants whom we are to assess and we have updated this to take into account the new Model. We were tempted to re-title it Everything you wanted to know about an R4E site visit by D&D but were frightened to ask but ultimately decided to stay with the more formal original title!

We have also reviewed and refined our own self-assessment workbook for use with our facilitated assessments and this has been successfully used.

We contributed significantly to the development of Towards Excellence™, a new assessment product for London Excellence. There is more about our role in Towards Excellence here.

Levels of Excellence work

Dave carried out a few Committed to Excellence (C2E) validations this year for a southern based Tourist Board and another for a charity based in Hastings. He bumped into one of our long standing supporters from NatWest in the shape of Steve Wells (an ex-UK Award winner and MD of NatWest Insurance Services) who happened to be on holiday at one of the applicant organisations.

We both had a really enjoyable R4E assessment at Chichester College, who achieved a fantastic 5 star level. The weather was hot, the days were long but we met some terrific people and even attended a jazz, swing & real ale festival on the Thursday evening - after putting in extra hours during the day! What more could one ask? Well Derek even found the photography department on his ‘assessment by walking about’ - not a coincidence!

Other news

In May the BQF hosted a joint meeting with the EFQM in London and we were there to contribute to the day. We had a short personal meeting with Pierre Cachet, EFQM's new CEO, to talk about our work, enthusiasm and ideas for Excellence. We were struck by the apparent extent of our ‘brand recognition’ — our timetable slot for this meeting was just allocated to ‘Dave & Derek’ without mention of surnames or full company name!

In May we said farewell to Mark Bell at the BQF who has decided that Australia was calling him back after several years in London. He has been a good friend for D&D and we will keep in touch. In his place we welcome Ian Swain as the new Levels of Excellence Manager at BQF.

Dave was honoured to be asked to serve on the jury for the Southern England Excellence Award in July and the outcome will be announced at the UK Excellence Awards in October, where D&D will be taking its usual table.

Last item for this issue, we attended the London Excellence Awards at Lord's Cricket Ground on a sunny July evening. It was a fabulous evening with drinks on the Pavilion roof overlooking the ground, and barbecue and refreshments until late. Both of us were working with a client in Whitehall the next day so we had to leave relatively early, but not before being presented with our new Ambassadors certificate. Congratulations to Rose Viggiani and the organisers for another great event.