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UK Excellence Awards - October 2010

Once again D&D booked a table at the BQF's UK Excellence Awards Dinner, the highlight of the Excellence year in this country. The event returned to the Intercontinental Hotel on London's Park Lane. We had another great group of guests to share the evening with us. So our thanks go to the people who were not able to think of excuses fast enough to avoid accepting our invitation.

D&D's table at the 2010 UK Excellence Awards

(this photograph by lubo - http://www.stefanlubo.com)

Clockwise from the front left are: Vicky Hawson from CIMA; Dan Richter from Phoenix Futures; Melissa Felton from BIG; Colin Whitaker representing Chichester College (and himself as he has just retired from the College!); Dave; Johan van den Broek from the Department of Facilities at the House of Commons; Craig Simpkins from Ecovert FM's Cabinet Office contract; Rob Painter from Royal Bank of Scotland (who worked with us for a spell back in our NatWest days); Sue Arundale-Scott from the EFQM (we were surprised to learn that we were the first EFQM members to invite her to such an event, but we're sure we won't be the last); Derek.

While official photographer Stefan Lubo was taking the above picture of our table, Derek decided to snap him on his stereo camera, seen in the picture above. You may be able to see the photo in 3D without stereo glasses by freeviewing.

stereo photo of the official photographer in action

Once again the host and cabaret artist was comedian Alistair McGowan. This was his second year in succession - and the third time in all - performing these roles, and he really goes down well. He intersperses the scripted presentation with his own ad hoc asides and interaction with the award winners which seem to be popular with everyone — funny but not demeaning. He also joked that he hoped to be back next year and make it three years in a row, and we're sure nobody would be sorry to see him again!

For anyone interested, here are a few more stereo pictures taken by Derek on the evening. “D&D : putting into practice the innovation and creativity inherent in the Excellence Model!”

stereo photo of our guests Sue and Johan stereo photo of our guests at the pre-dinner reception stereo photo of some of our guests at our table stereo photo of some of our guests at our table