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D&D News Summer 2011

The Quest: one of Derek's photos

The Quest: Derek recently won his camera club's print of the year award with this picture. It also won the ‘imagination trophy’ in the annual exhibition. It's fair to say that it has polarised opinion between “hate it ” and “love it ” but Derek has not yet introduced the idea of discussions to achieve consensus!

Welcome to our latest newsletter and thank you for your interest in what we're doing in D&D Excellence.

We continue to enjoy good fortune on the work front having had a busy year so far, have won some interesting work with new clients, and even have commitments into 2012. This, of course, is during an extended uncertain economic period so we are delighted that the Excellence Model — and, we hope, our customer service — is helping organisations gain value from self-assessment and working with us. We are so busy that we have booked work during the week of the UK Excellence Awards dinner this year and so are unable to host our usual table. HRH The Princess Royal will no doubt be disappointed.

As well as our own clients, we have been doing a fair amount of Levels of Excellence work, as key partners of the BQF for this scheme. We have put on a separate page an outline of some of this.

EFQM Licensed Advisors

We are delighted to say that we have recently been approved as ‘Licensed Advisors’ by the EFQM. The ‘eagle-eyed’ amongst you may already have noticed the new logo reflecting this on our navigation panel at the left. This approval is valid for 12 months before it needs renewing, and we were able to supply some great client references about the high standard of our work to support our application.

D&D's own Excellence products

Trying to follow Model's Radar guidelines about regular ‘assessment and refinement’, we have once again looked at and improved our self-assessment workbook for use with client assessments that we facilitate.

Our Guide to a Successful R4E Site Visit continues to receive good feedback from our R4E clients but we have still assessed and refined it again in the light of the many more assessments we have carried out. We have further clarified some of the language and enhanced one of the tools to help organisations understand better the requirements for our R4E assessment and site visit.

Other Excellence news

We have continued to support London Excellence through our ‘Ambassador’ level membership and through attendance at a number of well organised events. These include regular CEO Briefing Sessions, where a few organisational leaders share their experiences covering a range of topics. These are followed by some informative Q&As. Check out the London Excellence website to see what events are coming up and give Rose Viggiani a call. She'll be delighted to welcome you. Alternatively, if you know us, contact us and we'll make the introductions for you and if we are free to attend we will take you along as our guest, usually free of charge.

We would also like to mention our friend Lway Nakasha from Dubai, who visited the UK for a working holiday with his family a little while ago. We really appreciated seeing him again and enjoyed a superb lunch at the National Portrait Gallery.

Afterwards Lway entrusted his new camera to another passing tourist to take this photo of the three of us. The poster to the left of Dave was pure coincidence, but after that lunch the only change of pace we could manage was to slow right down! Many thanks to Lway for allowing us to use his photo.