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D&D publish their interpretation of the Excellence Model

We put our deep-thinking caps on over summer 2011 and have published our own interpretation of the Model. We hope it will help, in particular, those new to the EFQM Excellence Model to understand more of what the Model is about.

The EFQM Excellence Model Companion

The book is intended as a ‘companion’, not as a stand-alone book of the ‘everything you always wanted to know about ’ type. We wrote it assuming that it will be used by people who already have the official Guide to Excellence, and our main aim is to use some of our experience to explain in plain language what we see as the meaning of the criterion parts of the Model and to give some simple and straightforward examples of what we have seen excellent organisations doing to address them.

One of our long-standing Excellence friends in Europe (with about 15 years experience of the Model) has told us: “What you have done is the most practical interpretation of the EFQM model I have ever seen ”

We finally published it to the world on what we found was 'Super Thursday' in the publishing world. This is the day when books that are targeted to top the Christmas best-seller charts are released. We're not certain that our book will be found in many Christmas stockings, but we do hope that it helps a few people understand a little more about Excellence! The book is available to buy now on the D&D store at the Lulu publishing site.

You can also use this preview of some of the pages to get an impression of the content (one of the buttons at the foot of the little panel allows you to view it full-screen) and there is also a link to buy it.