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D&D update their interpretation of the Excellence Model

Cover of 2013 Companion

We have used the 2013 version of the EFQM Excellence Model fairly intensively this year, including ten Recognised for Excellence assessments alone - quite demanding uses of the Model if you are to provide genuinely useful feedback to the applicant. This 'real world' experience led us to believe that an updated version of our Companion would still be useful to clarify some of the issues for some people.

We believe that if the Model is to continue being useful it should strive to be accessible to new users, not just those already ‘in the know’. Many of the guidance points in the Model had changed since 2010, and it still seemed to us that the language was not always easy to understand, for newer users in particular.

So our 2013 update again tries to explain the Excellence Modelís content in fairly straightforward language, reflecting changes and additions where appropriate. Many of the points we suggested in our previous Companion remain in place. As the 2013 Model was an evolution from 2010's this should not be surprising, and what was appropriate good practice in running an organisation at 31 December 2012 did not suddenly become worthless when the new Model became effective the next day!

We have published the 2013 Companion on the Lulu site, in both paperback and epub electronic formats. You can see and buy the books at our Store at the Lulu publishing site. We hope our update helps ensure that people still discovering the Model do not see it as too complex for them, but that it can help them think intelligently about all aspects of their organisations.