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D&D News February 2014

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2014, and as we move into our 15th year in business we offer our good wishes to all of our readers, customers and partners.

The last year was, once again, a very busy and interesting one and some of this was outlined in our July newsletter. Now looking back on the whole year, we thought it might be interesting to look at some of D&D’s 2013 in numbers:

Help the assessors!

Parking sign for Dave & Derek Parking sign for R4E assessors

We found these two signs waiting for us on R4E visits and were very impressed that people had considered our needs. We also thought it great that for the organisation at the left our ‘brand’ had no need for surnames! (But perhaps that is just what happens when you like to talk to and get on with the very important people in any organisation who run reception and security.)

On other newsletter pages

You can read more about our R4E and C2E activities here.

We were also busy on work other than the Excellence Recognition schemes. You can read about some interesting work for our own direct clients here.

More news

December 2013 saw the retirement of Joe Goasdoue as CEO of the BQF after 15 years. We have had a positive working relationship with Joe over that time and we wish him well for the future. We’d like to extend best wishes to Ian Stokes who is leading the excellence charge for the next few months as Interim CEO.

Whilst on the subject of retirements, our old colleague Rob Painter is making a voluntary early exit and we are meeting up with him to share memories of old times. We wish him well for his future.

In 2013 we were free for the first time in a few years to attend the BQF’s Awards Ceremony in October, and were delighted to be invited by Richard Jones of Interserve to join their table. We have known Richard and Interserve for many years and had a great time meeting up with them again. Many thanks Richard. And having known them for so long, it was a double pleasure that we were with them when they were awarded the BQF’s Gold Medal for Excellence for “outstanding and sustained commitment to excellence over a number of years”.

And finally .. Derek’s warped sense of humour

Road sign with wrong spelling of Parliament

While on London’s Victoria Embankment not too long ago Derek spotted an unfortunate spelling of Parliament on a traffic sign. And being him he decided to capture it. Is it a case of “an eye for (no) I”?

We took it personally in view of the work that D&D have done around the corridors of power in Whitehall and Westminster, including in 2013!