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D&D News February 2014: D&D recognised by EFQM

After learning of D&D's 50 Recognised for Excellence assessments, the EFQM thought that an article about our milestone would be some good content for their monthly newsletter. We were delighted that our experiences were thought to be of interest.

After discussing possible ways of dealing with it, a Question and Answer format was selected. You can read our EFQM "interview" on the linked PDF file. Very many thanks to them for allowing us to use the extract in this way.

There can't be many people who have carried out such a large number of such assessments. And fewer still who have used that experience to write their own "Guide to a Successful R4E Site Visit" for applicants being assessed by D&D (whilst written from a D&D perspective, we have now made it available as a free download). And even fewer who have used their real Model experience to produce a "Companion" guide to the Excellence Model to help people less familiar with the Model!

We're now on the way towards our 60th R4E!