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D&D News July 2016

Well the big news this year has been the changes to our work caused by Derek's (planned) stepping back from some of our work. He is now trying out some part-time working to make a bit more time for some of his other interests, including his various photographic activities.

We've outlined it in other places on this website, but in essence Derek has now stopped undertaking Levels of Excellence assessments, but continues to be willing and able to consider other Excellence work for direct clients. Dave continues much as before, undertaking both Levels of Excellence assessments and direct client work. We will of course be delighted to work together on client projects as before.

As a result of these changes, we decided to close the company and work in future as two self-employed individuals to give us more flexibility. It's appropriate here to say thank you to our accountant Andrew Davies at Creasey Son and Wickenden in Sevenoaks for helping us over many years and making sure we kept on the straight and narrow. We managed that quite well ourselves, but it was always good to have Andrew to refer to if something unusual cropped up.

Our work since our last Newsletter continued with the typical split of Levels of Excellence assessments and projects for direct clients. The latter has included supporting applicants to Excellence Awards, carrying out 3rd party assessments for organisations that did not want to go for formal recognition, and helping businesses with bids for contracts that needed to have an element of Excellence Model structure/input. This year, one of Dave's clients has been the BQF itself, where he has helped with the UK Excellence and Achievement Awards.

On the non-work front, an early extra use of Derek's new leisure time has been to enter some of his photos in international competitions, including his stereo photos. A recent pleasant surprise was that one of his 3D pictures won the “Best Novice” award in the Stereoscopic Society of America's annual stereocard exhibition. The picture, shown below, has an Excellence connection, in that he took the photo while walking through Hyde Park back to the railway station on the morning after a UK Excellence Award Dinner. (No, he was not seeing double after the night before!) The fountain is called Joy of Life, by T B Huxley Jones and you may be able to see the stereo effect by freeviewing.

Joy of Life by T B Huxley Jones

Derek assures us that the “Novice” award relates to not having had many acceptances of his work in stereo competitions, and is nothing to do with his tender age!