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October 2016: Congratulations to University of Winchester

Thursday 13 October 2016 was a great night for University of Winchester: they won not only the 2016 BQF “Sustainable Future” Achievement Award but also a main UK Excellence Award! Derek was privileged to a member of their party at the Award ceremony in London, while Dave was at the event but hosting a table for the BQF. It was fabulous to see all the hard work of everyone at UoW rewarded.

We assessed them for R4E twice in the past, and then supported them when they moved onto the Excellence Award path in 2014. Derek's guidance and ideas lasted all through this year, although Dave had stepped back because of his other work.

Two of the things that are really well embedded in the University are inclusivity and equality, with student representation on every management committee. With this in mind it was really nice, although not surprising, to see the range of people in the modest-sized Winchester party at the dinner. It included the Chair of the Board and the Vice Chancellor - who would be expected of course. But it also included representatives of the academic staff and support staff. Also there were Savannah King, immediate past-president of the UoW Student Union and current president Harry Sampson. Involvement and Excellence are across the board there.

Our very best wishes to the Board, Vice-Chancellor Professor Joy Carter, and to every staff member and student at UoW for such a significant achievement.

Prof Joy Carter and Savannah King

Professor Joy Carter, Vice-Chancellor, and Savannah King, immediate past-president of Winchester Students' Union appear quite pleased at UoW's successes!