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D&D News : content of news items to 2004

When we gave this site a major update in autumn 2005, we took the decision just to republish the news items from 2005 onwards. However here is a list of the main contents of the earlier newsletters. If you want information on any of the specific items, feel free to contact us. Or you could use the web's own archive and check out old versions of our site (opening in a new browser window) at the 'WayBackMachine' that archives previous versions of websites

Item Main Content
Winter 2004 Update EFQM Berlin Forum
Coaching on award submission documents, facilitating tailored self-assessments, external assessments including Investors in Excellence
Autumn 2004 Update Facilitating self-assessments, mentoring on Excellence, EFQM Fundamental Concepts review.
UK Business Excellence Awards 2004
From Derek's social calendar!
July 2004 Article about D&D and Investors in Excellence in 'Kent on Sunday' newspaper. Our congratulations go to Kent on Sunday, as they have just won the prestigious Regional Newspaper of the Year Award in the UK Press Gazette Awards.
Summer 2004 Update Using the Excellence Model in management education and development
Investors in Excellence
Benchmark Index
EFQM Excellence Model - review of Fundamental Concepts
March 2004 Dubai excellence successes
Winter 2004 Update Small Business Service & Benchmark Index Excellence questionnaire
Highways Agency Capability Assessment Toolkit
Launch of 'Bouquets & Brickbats' section on this site
Autumn 2003 Update World Congress for TQM in Dubai
Supporting an internal quality award process based on the EFQM Excellence Model
EFQM - Above the Clouds project
Sept 2003 A book suggestion: The Fusion Manager by Bob Heller
July 2003 Derek's Leadership Award featured in EFQM News
June 2003 Links to external articles about Derek's May 2003 Dubai talk
Summer 2003 Update Derek's EFQM Personal Recognition Award & the Learning Edge Conference report
Dubai's Share Best Practice Conference report
Small Business support
March 2003 Publicity for D&D and the Benchmark Index Excellence Module
Winter 2002 Update Validating internal self-assessment for a UK FTSE 100 company
Award submission document advice and coaching
EFQM Forum in Barcelona & BQF Awards in London
Excellence Model refreshment
Summer 2002 Update Dow Chemical Company
Award style document assessments and site visits
Derek site-visits Magilligan Prison in Northern Ireland
Assessment support to a Business Link
April 2002 D&D featured in UK Excellence magazine
Spring 2002 Update Derek's working 'world tour' to Amsterdam, Turin, Hamburg and Florida
Benchmark Index Excellence questions
Assessment of Excellence Award-style portfolios of evidence
Exploration of Society issues for a client
Winter 2001 Update "Friendly" site visit based assessment by D&D
Internal award based on Excellence Model
EFQM Forum Lucerne & BQF Awards in London
More for Mowlem Building Division
Summer 2001 Update Assessor & self-assessment training for Mowlem Building Division
Small Business Service's Benchmark Index
UK Excellence Federation's Beta assessment service
Balanced Scorecard workshop
Spring 2001 Update EQA applicant - draft submission review and improvement
New partner arrangement for D&D
Update on our Tanzanian schools' sponsorship
January 2001 South West Excellence Award success
Winter 2000 Update EFQM Forum in Istanbul & BQF Awards in London
Internal quality award based on the Excellence Model
Self-assessment support
Summer 2000 Update European Quality Award draft application review and improvement
New assessment approaches for EFQM
Supporting NatWest
Excellence training in Tanzania
Excellence Model assessments to support selection of strategic suppliers