D&D Excellence : your Partner for Excellence

Dave Richards

I continue to focus on Excellence work, and the front page of this site and the About D&D section give a good outline of the breadth and depth of my experience with the EFQM Excellence Model. In summary, though, I was first trained in using the Model about 1993 and have used it full-time since 1996 with Derek Medhurst, first in the NatWest Group where we were Joint Heads of Business Excellence, and since 2000 as a specialist Excellence Model business.

Alongside Derek I have worked directly for EFQM, BQF and London Excellence, as well as a wide range of private, public and other not-for-profit organisations. Over the years we have been preferred partners to the British Quality Foundation for its Levels of Excellence Scheme, BQF Endorsed Advisers, EFQM Licensed Advisers, and Ambassadors with London Excellence.

With hindsight, sometimes introducing Derek as “my dad” might have contributed to his deciding to step back a bit before I did, but it wasn't intended to! It was just part of our style of successfully linking good hard work with a light-hearted touch wherever we could. We've always found that our friendly approach has paid off.

I'm continuing to work on Levels of Excellence (LoE) scheme assessments for BQF. Like Derek I am also available for direct work with clients on all aspects of the Excellence Model. Apart from Derek no longer doing LoE work, the main difference with effect from 2016 is that we are now operating on a self-employed basis after closing the company. (During 2016 I have been engaged by BQF to help with their UK Excellence Award and Achievement Award processes, the simple explanation in case some of you have been surprised to see me in that sphere.)

To look around the rest of the site, feel free to start at the main home page for an overall overview and history of D&D. That page also explains that we no longer work via the old limited company structure, but as two self-employed individuals.

Do feel free to contact one of us via our Contact Us page.