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Derek Medhurst

Let's put the “bottom line” in at the top: I am still available for Excellence Model work! I've mainly withdrawn from the British Quality Foundation's Level of Excellence assessments.

After 20 years working full time with the EFQM Excellence Model alongside Dave Richards, the last 16 of which have been a great time as D&D Excellence, I decided that from 2016 I would cut back on some commitments and cease working on the Levels of Excellence assessments for which we have been used extensively by British Quality Foundation. I will however still be available for other Excellence Model work for existing and new direct clients.

It was not an easy decision to stand back a bit. Dave and I have worked together full-time since 1996, we have known each other even longer, and we thoroughly enjoy working with each other. Being told by numerous organisations and individuals we have worked with that we have really helped them has always given a great sense of satisfaction. That applies whether it has been helping a relatively junior person learn about the Model for the first time, someone senior thanking us for our insights into their organisation, or even supporting them in winning an award.

Unlike the “youngster” Dave, I now qualify for certain senior citizen concessions, and I gradually came to the conclusion that I would cut back on some of my “real work” and devote a bit more time to some of my photographic and other interests. As anyone who knows us would expect, Dave has been very good about this change: thanks Dave.

As we will still be working together on some projects we have left most of our D&D Excellence website as it was, because many people have told us how useful it is. To look around the rest of the site, feel free to start at the main home page for an overall overview and history of D&D. That page also explains that we no longer work via the old limited company structure, but as two self-employed individuals.

So in summary:

Do feel free to contact one of us via our Contact Us page.