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Publications and free downloads

Our EFQM Excellence Model Companion is still relevant!

Having used the 2013 update of the Model extensively, we decided that we should update our Companion. Still intended to supplement the official Guide to the 2013 Model, we again used our experience with the Model to try to explain in plain language the underlying meaning of the criterion parts of the evolving Model. It is still relevant for helping you think about your organisation and all its activities.

You can see and buy the Companion in paperback and/or epub electronic version at our Store on the Lulu publishing site.

Free D&D guide about Recognised for Excellence site visits

In 2009 we wrote a guide for R4E applicants that we were going to assess to help them plan our site visit. It was based on questions from many people and our own experiences and we thought it would be helpful to have the hints in handy place. It contains very little about the Excellence Model itself: it is mainly about the practicalities of the site visit.

Our hunch proved to be correct and we received a lot of good feedback. In 2013 we gave it a major review for its 2nd edition. We have continued to get good feedback and in the spirit of “sharing what works” we decided to make it available to all.

Please bear in mind that it written by us for our applicants and based on our preferences and needs. So if you are having an R4E assessment by someone else, do check on their requirements, don't just assume that everything will be the same for them. As long as you are happy with that, please feel free to download The D&D Essential Guide for your R4E site visit.

Free D&D downloads about Excellence

We put here some of our own papers and slides that we have produced on the subject of Excellence which can be downloaded (each one opens in a new window). Feel free to use the information they contain for your own non-commercial use, but they are our copyright so we would appreciate attribution. We would clearly not want to see them used by others for gain.

Archive : old papers about Excellence

The following articles are earlier versions that have been updated and superseded by those shown above in the list of current papers. We know that some students use references to our articles in their work, dissertations, etc, and so we feel it may be helpful to leave some early versions here - they are mainly ones where changes have been more substantive.