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Questions - about D&D

Q. You've given some details about your products and services but what if I'm not sure where to begin or what it is I need?
A. It is important to have some kind of a game plan for Excellence, whether that is widely communicated or something managed by a 'top team' within an organisation. It could also be helpful to be realistic in what you hope to achieve at various stages. Therefore chatting through some ideas with experienced people in this area can save some false starts and disappointments. We would be delighted to work with you to discuss what would be best suited to your situation. In other words, to set you off in the right direction. This would be whether you are running a unit within a larger organisation or a small business

Q. You don't seem to have worked in our industry - how can you possibly help us?
A. It is part of our approach that we put our cards on the table, and we recently said this to a prospective client at the first meeting. They responded immediately that they wanted us for our Excellence expertise, not our in-industry knowledge! But the truth is that we do try to gain at least a basic understanding of the industry - it seems to us a matter of respect for the client as well as aiding our understanding. It has been said that one of the major benefits of the Model is that it is 'industry neutral' to a great extent. This means it can be much easier to acquire better practices from a range of sources, from people who may have already had to face similar issues but in different ways, and whose 'basic approaches in their organisations may be thought revolutionary in yours!

Q. If we decide to use D&D, could we be faced with your sending in some junior employees to do the work once we have seen you at the outset?
A. No. We do the work ourselves - who you see is who you get! We are a two person team and so don't have junior people to send in. We do however have a small number of contacts whom we will work with if necessary to meet your needs, but these are experienced people in their own right, and we would never involve them in your business without your prior agreement.

Q. Are you prepared to visit my organisation to discuss my issues?
A. The short answer is yes. We are based in London/Kent but have worked throughout the country and abroad. Please contact us via the e-mail link and we will learn more about your needs prior to a meeting.