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Questions about Excellence

Q. Isn't it all a bit bureaucratic?
A. It's like a lot of things - it is HOW you apply it that is crucial. It doesn't have to be bureaucratic, but an honest answer is that it could be. Ask yourself 'How am I improving my organisation or part of my organisation in a comprehensive, systematic and regular way?' because that's really what Excellence is. If you are not using the Excellence Model you should explore the possibilities.

Q. How easy is it to get started?
A. Starting off can be pretty straightforward with the help of some useful hints and tips to ensure that your efforts are optimised. It is possible to just pick up the information and drive forward but our suggestion is that you seek advice from others early on to learn from their experiences. For example, many people have heard of the Award-style of assessment and may think that creation of a 75 page document is the only way to conduct a self assessment. This is not the case - indeed it might be counter-productive - and most people start more simply to get their 'toes in the water'. They then move to more comprehensive methods as they gain experience and want even greater challenges.

Q. But isn't it difficult to get real commitment to the use of the Model?
A. Gaining the commitment to use The Excellence Model can sometimes be difficult. This may be due to some misconceptions, which we explain in the ABOUT EXCELLENCE area of our site (via navigation bar at left). However, we do have genuine experience of achieving this and would be happy to discuss our proven approaches.

Q. We are already doing Investors in People. Why do I need this too?
A. As you will have seen from the Model itself, it is very comprehensive. It is likely that in addition to IiP there are many initiatives either going on or being launched across your organisation. It is a fact of today. Using the Excellence Model has helped many organisations manage all of these activities by using it as an 'umbrella' framework above all things an organisation is doing or is planning, including IiP.

Q, How do we know that using the Excellence Model will pay off?
A. Well if we're honest you don't - we still agree with the old adage that the only certainties in life are death and taxes! It has been said that because of all the other changes in the external environment around an organisation, it will never be possible to prove, to the satisfaction of a statistician, that overall improvement is solely the result of use of the Model (but see below for a counter to that view). And of course it's possible to use the Model effectively ... or less so. But in any organisation, why wouldn't you want to have a way to help ensure that you have appropriate leadership, that you plan effectively, that you manage your people and other resources well, and that you use the most effective way of getting things done? And really, THAT'S what the Model is about. Also see our 'Does it Work?' section.

Q. What if I'm not sure if one or more of the fundamental concepts is relevant to my organisation?
A. As we mention on the 'What is Excellence?' page, we find there is little point in getting into Excellence if you don't actually believe in the concepts. But all the indications are that the issues/concepts will happen or be relevant anyway, whether or not you believe, and whether you are ready or not. You may find it useful to review the issues via an assessment before they become critical, rather than leaving it to firefighting.