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Questions - sundry

Q. We are already using a balanced scorecard, what would the Excellence Model add to help run my organisation?
A. Many organisations use a balanced scorecard approach to ensure that performance in satisfying all stakeholders is measured and managed. A scorecard is used to track the key measures which are most important to the success of an organisation. If you like, these are the dials on a dashboard which tell the driver the vital information he or she needs to drive the vehicle properly and safely from A to B. The Excellence Model is a much more comprehensive way of checking performance for all measures in an organisation as well as the approaches used to achieve them, in what has been described as an 'annual MOT'. Full assessment is not an exercise which one could sensibly carry out as often as reviewing the performance of key scorecard measures. We do have a diagram which outlines alignment between the scorecard and the Excellence Model - it is available in the Downloads section.

Q. It all seems like very hard work, and I don't really need a 'model' to tell me what's wrong with my organisation.
A. It's not unusual that you know some of the things wrong with your organisation. But an assessment can look at all the areas and you will usually find some areas for improvement that you didn't know about, some strengths that may help you to deal with them, and also identify any key themes - linkages of relevant issues across the organisation. But again, we're not going to force you.

Q. Surely something new will come along in a moment, that's the problem with all these initiatives?
A. Well, we suppose it could do. But it is difficult to see the current fundamental concepts being dropped in the near future and becoming irrelevant in running an organisation. From where we sit, many are becoming ever more relevant. Assessment methods may change, and the model is regularly reviewed to keep it stretching for the future.

Because the Excellence Model covers everything an organisation does, initiatives can fit within the Model. See our Downloads section for an illustrated example.