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Links to friends' web sites

The links on this page are to some friends of D&D, mainly but not exclusively involved in helping organisations to improve. They open in new browser windows.

Organisational improvement

SBQ Ltd — Steve Bispham is a long-time friend, whom we met originally through the BQF, offering a range of quality-related services. He is also from Kent, like ourselves!

Stream— from his base in Athens, Greece, our friend Emmanuel Perakis offers organisational improvement support in a variety of disciplines. Personally he is particularly involved in the drive for real sustainability in organisations. Emmanuel was one of the first two recipients of an EFQM Personal Recognition Award for Leadership in the Excellence movement — alongside D&D's Derek.

BCSManagementServices— Terry Pilcher's firm offering solutions & opportunities for intermediaries offering management and business services

First Metre — David Howard's process-based solutions for business, including software and support for deployment flowcharting


Derek Medhurst — Derek's own site, in case anyone wants to see some more of his photography etc

Thatu is a charity which Susan Law, one of our friends from NatWest days, helped to found in 2004. It aims to support self-help and home-grown food projects in South Africa