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Links to Excellence related organisations

The links on this page are to excellence/quality bodies, and open in new browser windows. They include regional, national, international and industry specific organisations. We know and have experience of most of those mentioned, but a few others are included as helpful points of reference.

Mainland Europe

European Foundation for Quality Management - the promotion of Excellence in Europe

British Isles

British Quality Foundation - the promotion of Excellence in the UK - this site has links through to Regional Excellence bodies throughout the UK

London Excellence - the Regional Excellence organisation for London


Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award - Excellence in United States of America

W Edwards Deming Institute - organisation for all things Deming

Dubai Quality Award - Excellence Award run by the Dubai Quality Award Secretariat in the Department for Economic Development

Dubai Quality Group - a not-for-profit business organisation in Dubai with the objective of improving Quality and Service among its member organisations

Centre for Organisational Effectiveness Research - New Zealand centre for benchmarking, best practice and organisational excellence