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Main updates to the D&D Excellence website

Main updates to the D&D Excellence website
Date What
Aug 2016 Added a story about a workhouse piano to the Publications and Free Downloads page. The Society stakeholder in the 19th century!
July 2016 Updated site to reflect business changes. Derek has stepped back from some work, and accordingly we closed the company but continue as self-employed individuals, still under the D&D “banner”.
June 2014 Interview with D&D featured in EFQM Members' Newsletter
Feb 2014 February 2014 Newsletter
Nov 2013 Updated version of D&D's Excellence Model Companion published: items in D&D News and the Publication & Downloads page
July 2013 July 2013 Newsletter
Jan 2013 January 2013 Newsletter
June 2012 D&D Award for The Cheese Harp in Sevenoaks (see Bouquets and Brickbats section )
March 2012 News item about Phoenix Futures
Jan 2012 January 2012 Newsletter
Oct 2011 D&D News item - we publish our Companion to the Excellence Model
Aug 2011 Summer 2011 Newsletter
June 2011 Changed EFQM logo as we are now Licensed Advisor partners of EFQM
Nov 2010 Article about our attendance at the UK Excellence Awards 2010
Aug 2010 Summer 2010 Newsletter
Feb 2010 10th Anniversary ‘thank you’ Newsletter
Jan 2010 Site and downloads updated to account for EFQM Excellence Model 2010
Nov 2009 Autumn 2009 Newsletter
July 2009 Article in D&D News about our sponsorship of 2009 Mongol Rally entrant
June 2009 Style redesign, mainly changes to fonts and logo
April 2009 New page about Excellence Awards in About Excellence section
March 2009 Spring 2009 News bulletin; new D&D Award in Bouquets and Brickbats section
Oct 2008 Autumn 2008 Newsletter; new Bouquet and Brickbats
June 2008 New article about company directors' responsibilities: "The 2006 Companies Act: UK Company Law catches up with the EFQM Excellence Model!" in Downloads section
Brickbat contributed by Andrew Davies
April 2008 Spring 2008 Newsletter
Oct 2007 Reports from EFQM Forum in Athens and the UK Excellence Award - in D&D News section
Sept 2007 September 2007 Newsletter
April 2007 Added Search page and site map
March 2007 March 2007 Newsletter in D&D News section
Dec 2006 December 2006 Newsletter in D&D News section
Also some more 'brickbats' have been added to that section over the last few months
Sept 2006 September 2006 Newsletter in D&D News section
July 2006 New 'Brickbat' in the hotel industry
Improved capability to print pages of site (by Derek adding a separate style sheet)
July 2006 update in D&D News section
June 2006 New item in D&D News about Royal London Society for the Blind at the Kent Business Awards
June 2006 New article added in Downloads: "Definitions of Business (or organisational) Excellence"
May 2006 May 2006 Newsletter
May 2006 New article added in Downloads: "The Fundamental Concepts of Organisational Excellence - A Blueprint for Success"
March 2006 New article added in Downloads: "How many reasons for not using the EFQM Excellence Model are just excuses?"
Feb 2006 February 2006 Newsletter
Three word management baloney generator: added to Downloads section
Dec 2005 December 2005 Newsletter
Oct 2005 Autumn 2005 Newsletter
EFQM/BQF sponsored research findings added to 'Does it work?'
Some new Bouquets and Brickbats
Sept 2005 Major redesign launched
June 2005 D&D News section: summer 2005 Newsletter added
March 2005 D&D News section: spring 2005 Newsletter added
Feb 2005 D&D News section: article about Dubai Quality Award workshop added
Dec 2004 D&D News section: Winter 2004 Update added
Oct 2004 D&D News section: Autumn 2004 Newsletter added
Additions to the 'Bouquets & Brickbats' section
July 2004 D&D News section: press cutting about D&D and Investors in Excellence
May 2004 D&D News section: Summer 2004 Newsletter added
Additions to the 'Bouquets & Brickbats' section
Downloads about balanced scorecard and 'initiative overload' added
Feb 2004 D&D News section: Winter 2004 Newsletter added
Oct 2003 D&D News section: Autumn 2003 Newsletter added
Create Downloads section
Sept 2003 Book Review in D&D News section: Robert Heller's "The Fusion Manager"
July 2003 Article from EFQM News about Derek's Leadership Award added to D&D News
June 2003 D&D News section: Summer 2003 Newsletter added
Mar 2003 Added our short article (in PDF format) entitled "Self-assessing for Excellence", introducing some key issues about the Model
Jan 2003 Creation of new sections about 'Case Studies/Does it Work' and 'Congratulations'.
Some refreshing of other areas of site, incl the 'About Excellence' section for the updated Excellence Model, and adding a page about Benchmark Index in 'Our Services' .
Nov 2002 D&D News section: Winter 2002 Newsletter added
July 2002 D&D News section: Summer 2002 Newsletter added
Added 'Does it work?' section
April 2002 Profile of D&D from UK Excellence Magazine - see D&D News section
March 2002 D&D News section: Spring 2002 Newsletter added
Nov 2001 Winter 2001 Newsletter in D&D News section
Added new 'Case Studies' section
July 2001 General review and refinement of site
Addition an abstract of research into TQM effectiveness by Drs Singhal and Hendricks
Summer 2001 Newsletter added to D&D News section
March 2001 D&D News section: Spring 2001 Newsletter added
Jan 2001 D&D News section : about successes in the 2000 South West Excellence Awards
Dec 2000 Winter 2000 Newsletter (in 'D&D News' section)
Sept 2000 Site launched