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For over 20 years we have helped organisations to improve their performance by using the EFQM Excellence Model©. If you want to make ‘excellence’ more than just another promotional buzzword in your organisation, you really should think about using this framework. Whatever your reason for coming here, we hope you will benefit from viewing our site.

In April 2016 we changed how we operate. Derek will only be working with 'direct' clients, and will generally no longer be undertaking ‘3rd party’ assessments such as those for the Levels of Excellence scheme via the BQF. Dave will continue to do both types of work, so we will still be working together for our direct clients. As a result of these changes, in future we will work under our own individual names — still under a "D&D Excellence team" banner — and have wound up the company.

Because our work has been carried out — and our expertise developed — through D&D Excellence for so long, we have decided to leave the website intact. It still gives a good picture of our backgrounds and what you can expect from us. We have also created individual overview pages to say a bit more about each of us. So feel free to check out the pages for Dave and/or Derek if you don't already know us.

The following three tabs sum up the site, and include some quick links to key areas. We hope they encourage you to look in more detail and see how we can help you on your Excellence journey. Then do contact one of us if you would like to know more.

We have carried out a large number of Recognised for Excellence assessments. We have always believed that we make our site visits “with humour and humanity”, and a recent (2015) unsolicited comment from an applicant once again confirms that we do that and more:
“From our side, Iíve had a few people commenting that they enjoyed the interviews, that you both had obviously really understood our business and our strategy, and the questions you were asking were pertinent and thought provoking, which was really good to hear.”

  • are Derek Medhurst (left) and Dave Richards (right) who have worked together full-time over 20 years, and concentrated on the Model over that time.

pictures of Derek Medhurst and Dave Richards: directors of D&D Excellence Ltd

  • focus on helping people to use the EFQM Excellence Model
  • have been using the Model since 1993
  • tailor our support to your needs
  • have worked in many sectors/industries and cultures
  • are Accredited Excellence Model Assessors for the 2013 EFQM Excellence Model
  • include one of the first ever recipients of the EFQM's Personal Recognition Award for Leadership in the Excellence movement - awarded to Derek in 2003
  • D&D Excellence is a Member of London Excellence

Fundamentally, the EFQM Excellence Model says

  • that you need: appropriate leadership for your organisation; the right planning; to manage your people and assets well; to manage your processes and your product/service marketing to best effect; and to know what results you are achieving over time for relevant stakeholders
  • and that to do this effectively you need to think what results you want to achieve, plan how to achieve them and then implement the plans, and then check how you have done and make enhancements as necessary

The Model

  • is a world-class organisational management framework
  • can help you to THINK about your organisation in a systems way
  • is not a tick-list approach to running your organisation
  • can be used for self-assessments, awards and recognition schemes
  • is a valuable tool, but is not a panacea or guarantee.
and a range of other information about Excellence and D&D. Check out the navigation menu at the left.

So ...

... do have a look around our site, and we look forward to hearing about how we can help you!

© 2012 The EFQM Excellence Model is a trademark of the European Foundation for Quality Management